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  • YouTube video

    Hi everyone, Here is my new video about how to identify that you are working in a toxic environment (possible identifiers): Do watch, share and comment. And also subscribe to my channel. I will slowly get back to writing 😊

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  • New YouTube video Hi everyone, Uploaded a new myntra fashion haul, do watch, share and subscribe.

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  • Jealousy…

    To be honest, lately I have been feeling jealous of other women around me. When I see them with their man or when I see someone having a nice physique. But, then I reminded myself why am I feeling jealous of them. They worked for it so they deserve it. Does that make me less […]


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  • Love

    Sometimes I wonder, why is love so important? Why do people give sooo much importance to this emotion over other emotions. Why is everyone searching for love? Isn’t it true , all our lives we are searching for love. Why? What if universe never created this emotion? What would have happened? Our lives would be […]

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