Spirituality with the modern twist

Hi my fellow bloggers. As of today my mental health is fairly better and I am have been doing great. I really wanted to write on this topic from a long time but was neither was I able to think nor I was able to express myself in words. The wfh has really taken a toll on my mental health and I am sure many others.

But, I will keep that topic for some other day. Let’s focus on spirituality for now.

So, what does spirituality mean to me? To me it means being neutral with your emotions, helping others, meditation, no expectations.

But, in today’s era people of my age and youngsters are confusing it with indulging in addictions such as weed by giving themselves reasons such as Shiva being an aghori used to have chillum. Which is absolutely incorrect. The books available in the market, emphasises more on modern Shiva which gives them reasons and makes them feel better by indulging in addictions.

All I want to clear is Shiva never asked us to indulge in chillum knowing it’s not good for health. We need to stop giving reasons for our actions.

To really understand the meaning of spirituality you need to work on your self. You need to stop expecting from others, release attachments. I know it’s difficult. And also it doesn’t mean that you stop loving your closed ones it just means that you don’t expect anything in return.

Releasing yourself from attachments is an act of being spiritual. That doesn’t mean you leave everything and go to Himalayas for meditation. It just means that you are content with yourself. You still love people.

Usually, when people reach a certain age or rather I should say their 60’s they become spiritual as they have experienced everything in their life and are free from materialistic world. But, some people realise their purpose at an early age. I have seen people spiritually awake during the pandemic and I am a part of that tribe.

If you start asking these questions or you feel in the following ways then you may be on your spiritual path:

1) What is the purpose of my life?

2) Have I been born to just earn money, eat and sleep?

3) What makes me happy?

4) I can feel detached ( but not really detached from the people you love) / I don’t have any expectations, I have become neutral.

5) seeing repetitive numbers.

6) Dreams which have a significant meaning.

7) Start to follow your passion.

8) It doesn’t matter how much you are earning.

9) free of judgements.

That’s it for today, my only intention was to make people aware of what is the real meaning of spirituality.

All these are from my personal experiences.

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Your mental well being is important

Removing some people out of your life whom you thought will stay forever or is the one is difficult but it’s the best thing you can do for your mental well-being. Don’t get stuck on someone if they don’t value you or give you time. If you are important for them they will show up in different ways you don’t have to wait for someone.

Instead, learn from the experiences and grow. Don’t let someone come towards only when they need you. If they are doing this understand your importance and let them go.

Today, I removed a person from my life. It hurts , it really pains but I had to do this because I was in more of mental pain. I was overthinking, and hurting myself. But it was important as that’s how I will grow in my life and create space for others.

Journal/ affirmations -Day 1

I am moving forward in my life, letting go the past. Keeping my heart open for whatever comes. I won’t let past affect my future love relationships.

I am happy, beautiful and healthy. I have everything what I want. And I will strive hard for what I want. I am here with a purpose to help and motivate people and I will focus on that.

I will create more content on weekends( not being lazy). I will eat healthy and improve my health. I will not react to others opinions and from today I will not available for everyone. I am closing my doors and keeping it open only for genuine people. If you were not there , the times I needed someone then sorry I am also not available for you.

I will not let others opinion affect my peace. I will work towards better self.


Hello fellow bloggers , it’s the first time I have tried my hand at poem. The poem was written in Hindi but I have translated it in English. Though, somewhere there might be loss of originality but still I have tried to retain it. It’s written with a lot of love and emotions. Hope you like it 🙂

Being away from you has made me realise how close I have come to you.

Never , even in my dreams I had thought that this could happen… but now when it’s already done, then it’s permissible to think about you all the time ⏱

Your sweet little face with those almond shaped eyes come in front of me every time, and all I can do is just smile 😊.

I do not know why but when I am with you, I am not able to think about anything because all I want to do is be in that moment and just listen to you (you are so dear to me).

When I see you worrying about something or anything which makes you sad; my heart 💓 says ‘just go and pluck all the thorns from his way’.

Sometimes, I think how can someone come so close but can’t stay. At that moment all I want to do is hold your hand and stop the time.

People might say that it’s the start , may be its attraction but I know it’s not because I don’t expect anything in return from you.

Whether, you are with me in future or not , but I always want to see you happy.

And may be someday you will realise that there is someone who can love you to this extent.

This love is eternal…..

The power of Letting Go

Hello my fellow bloggers!

It’s been a long time we interacted by our beautiful way of communication via blogs😃. Today’s topic is absolutely different and I learnt it in 2021 though, I have been trying from a long time.

Anyways, let’s start with today’s topic.

I know it’s difficult to move on from someone with whom you feel loved. But, sometimes life puts us in such situations where we have to take certain decisions… and what we do is move on.

Difference between moving on and letting go

Now, you need to understand this that moving on will always leave a part of memories or grudges with you. It will subconsciously make you focus on the negative like am I not good enough, did they ever loved me etc. So, basically externally you moved on from that person but internally you are having a conflict. Deep down you are always thinking and that’s just making you sad. So, doesn’t that mean that you actually never move on from someone… right?

But, when you start letting go (and this is not just applicable for your husband/boyfriend or girlfriend) you accept the situation in a positive manner and are ready to move ahead in your life. You start focusing on better things, on yourself. And the best part is you don’t hold any grudges.

Even if that person has cheated on you or left you when you needed them the most, don’t hold grudges that will only make you vulnerable. They did what they wanted to and you don’t have to do the same by holding grudges.

So, instead of thinking about whom to blame, start focusing on your self , on how you can improve yourself, how can you practice self love, be ambitious, have goals to smash . So that you can proudly say, that I achieved what I wanted to! 😀

I hope I am clear why letting go is much more important than moving on…

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Meeting people has a deeper meaning…..

Hello my fellow bloggers or anyone who googled “why did I meet him/her, what is the purpose of meeting people in our lives”; and you happened to stumble on my page then you are welcome 😊.

If you googled that question or just had a random thought or you found the name of the blog attractive, then all I want to say is ; you are on a spiritual path😊.

Often times, people enter our lives. To some we get attached, some become are best friends or just a hi/ hello friend. But, when you get emotionally attached or have expectations from someone and they leave you, this question may pop in your mind; Why did I meet him/her? What was their purpose,l?

So, I am here to answer this question for you… partially. According to my understanding and experiences of life.

I am going to throw some light on somethings on which you might not believe i.e. OUR PAST LIVES. Yes, sometimes people enter our lives because we have a karmic/soulmate/twin flame connection with them in our past lives.

But, a very important thing is they come to teach us a lesson. May be you are very emotional and trust others easily and you meet a particular person who breaks your trust. Eventually, you realise that you should not trust people so easily.

Not only that, what I personally feel is god sends people in our lives to make us a stronger person, to prepare us for the worst, and for the best. He just wants us to be the best version of ourselves. Because we as humans don’t realise that.

I have met so many people who have tested me emotionally, mentally and most importantly my patience. Once, they leave me and I look back I realised that they came to teach me a lesson. Though, not been with them is hurtful but the lessons learnt are worth all the pain.

So, never feel bad when someone leaves you rather remind yourself of the lessons you have learnt. Not everyone is so lucky to have you in their life because you are worth to be with the one who respects and loves you.

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Pulling you out of the dark

Hi! fellow bloggers. My poetic side might come out today. So read at your own risk. Also, it may not be perfect.

I saw You are surrounded by darkness,

I gave you my hand, and pulled you into the light.

You are not able to believe that you are out because of all the scars which have healed from outside but inside they are still there.

But, I am here trying to make you understand that this is real, I am real;

You are confused, I am making you understand that don’t get confused listen to your heart,

You say, you are trying and leave…

I am waiting in front of the golden coloured gate filled with light , ready to walk with you inside it but you don’t come.

I am still waiting, in the hope that one day you will realise…

Though, in reality ONE DAY has not arrived, but still for the sake of completion of this poem let’s imagine the D day has come.

I was sitting in front of the golden door, wearing a white dress, waiting only for you…

And then you were there, smiling at me. I held your hands and took you inside the golden door..

And it was the best day of our lives ❤️

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this short poem. This is my second attempt at it 🙂

Describing LIFE in one word….

Hello to anyone reading this, if you stumbled upon this blog while googling randomly. I want to talk to you about ‘LIFE’. Now, this won’t be any descriptive blog because I want you to think about a very important question.

The question has been reverberating in my mind from last night. And I have been getting proper sleep from them😬. Why? Because I answered to myself, I described my LIFE in one word. And I got all the answers about my worries and about my tensions.

I don’t want you to answer this question right now, may be you need to learn some things and then you will get an answer. All I want you to do is ‘think’.

I am not going to share my answer here as well. Because this blog is just to make you think and may be you will feel better after that 🙂.

So…. let’s think about the answer and keep it to ourselves. And keep working on yourself. Remember, when you start working on your fears; you rise. You will never fall.

Have a beautiful day!

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Comparison with others..

Hello my fellow bloggers and also those who don’t write but stumbled upon my blog because of the topic and may be going to read it till the end. 🙂

Almost all my life I have spent comparing myself with others. Even today when someone else might be thinking that ‘Oh! she is so lucky, doing so great in her life, she is independent and so on’ ; I am here comparing myself to each and every girl on social media.

When I sit with the people of similar interests, I compare “oh she is so good at it, everyone will like her”. But, I forget myself in that process, of how far I have come.

I believe this is a natural human tendency. Our brain functions like that, whenever we see someone beautiful or may be having excellent communication skills we start comparing ourselves with them.

I look at social media accounts of these girls and wonder, oh they have such lean bodies that’s why everyone likes her. She got married, wow she is so lucky to have someone.

And then I start judging them, everyone like her, ‘because she is so beautiful’. She got married, ‘because she is so lean’. Everyone listen to her, ‘ because she has got great communication skills’.

But in the process I am nowhere, I forgot myself!

These comparisons come out of our insecurities.

Now, how can we get over these comparisons and insecurities.

Have you ever looked back at what you were and how far have you come?

Can you change the word ‘comparison with motivation’ ?

Are you doing what you love?

Are you really working on yourself?

Can you stop comparing and start loving the way you are right now.

What would the 10 years back of your age say to you right now, will she be proud of how far you have come, how much you have grown in all these years.


She is proud of you, of what you have become after facing and fighting all those challenges. She will remind you of how strong you were in those morbid times. She will be so proud that you are learning a growing.

So, can we stop comparing and start learning from the people who we see on social media, can we make them our motivation and keep our insecurities aside?

It will be difficult but we need to start loving ourselves right now.

Love yourself ❤️

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Stay away from negative people


I am back once again after a long time as I have been busy. This time with something I beg to differ with a saying “ stay away from negative people”.

Now, I understand not everybody will be able to relate to why I don’t agree with this saying.

We have always been advised to stay away from negative people as negativity is attracted more quickly as compared to positivity. It is also said that people find it difficult to stay positive in life.

But, I say why befriend with someone negative, WHY CAN’T We?

Have you tried to understand why a person is so negative? No, why should I that’s none of my business. Right? We always think in this manner.

There can be various reasons why someone is negative, may be they feel that they have failed, may be something really gruesome happened with them.

My whole point is no one is born negative, the experiences make them so. Yes, I accept that we can take bitter experiences also as a learning but some people are not so mature or are usually crying that why it happened with me.

What if I say why don’t we try to understand why a person is acting in this way, what must have made him/ her like that.

For e.g if you are from India then you must be pretty much aware about the SSR outrage that happened month’s back. So I saw so many people putting up stories on Instagram that why did he commit suicide, he could have talked to someone. I am glad that all these people are so strong mentally, but do you really think they are? NO

These are the same people who will step away from negativity, giving reasons I don’t like to be with such mindset.

Basically, these people are mentally weak themselves and they know that other’s behaviour will affect them.

So, now you know the reason of why someone would like to refrain from negative people.

I don’t say be with them when it starts affecting you, all I am trying to say is keep an open heart for everyone.

Listen, give solutions if you have but most importantly don’t let it affect you.

To whom should you stay away:

Manipulative people and,

People who demean you.

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