Hey! How are you doing ? I hope everything is fine.

Today’s blog is for all the introverts. How people misunderstand us.🙂

Introverts are usually those who tend to be socially awkward or do not like to hang around a lot of people.

Everyone has their own personalities and so do us (introverts). So, I have jotted down some points which I feel are the traits of introverts and how people misunderstand them.

We are socially awkward

Yes, we don’t like to hang in a group, and it doesn’t mean we dislike people. It’s just that we are not able to express ourselves in front of so many people.

We don’t speak much

We are quiet , rather I should say we like to be quiet. And because of this trait people think we are just ignoring them but no we listen, we are good listeners. We listen carefully, without judgments. 😃

We prefer hanging out alone

Why not, because it just makes me admire the beauty of the nature or just observe people. It’s just so relaxing. And then put it into writing if something just strikes while observing the people or may be just read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee.

The whole idea of hanging out alone doesn’t make us boring, it’s just that we like to take out time for ourselves, contemplate on life and have a goal plan.

We are good listeners and can be great advisers

As I have mentioned earlier , we are good listeners at the same time if you come with your problems , we usually tend to give good advises. And we won’t judge you on the basis of what you have done. Usually, I feel a bond with the person and I just want to help them.

We have only “one” or may be an older or rather mature friend

I have friends, whom I can count on my fingers. That means really less but they are close to my heart. But, most of them are not mature as I am , so I usually do soul searching of that one person who has a good maturity level and I can talk to them. and this mature person need not be just that, he or she has to listen without judgments. Because, that’s all we all want… right?

We are emotional

I am not sure about other introverts but I get attached to people easily as I am very emotional. But, now this has reduced, not that I don’t love my people but just the feeling of attachment has gone but yes I am still that emotional person.

If we love someone

If we love someone, we won’t let them suffer , we will stand by them always. I try to keep people happy and taking care of them.

We don’t like to be with people who talk about others or just complaint or may be just judge everyone in this world

Here, I am not saying that we do not like to be with people who are negative, because sometimes even I have negative thoughts. Rather, I would say I do not like to be with people who discuss others or just keep on saying that you should do this or hey! have you seen that girl on our floor .

I have literally observed change in my behaviour in the past 6-7 months. Before, I just used to listen these kind of people and not give it a thought, just respond saying “ hmm, may be, I don’t know”, and suddenly I was also becoming like them ( as negativity gets attracted easily). I realised that soon and I thought it to myself , that no stop here, these things are just pulling you down, not doing any good and how can you do this Shruti, you have never been like this. From that point on,whenever such discussions used to happen , I would change the topic or I have tried to show them the positive side of the situation or may be just not sit with such people. And that has literally shut their mouths. But, I didn’t cut all these people with my life.

I do not say we are perfect but it’s just that people usually misunderstand Introverts by labelling them. But, that’s how we are. We speak when it’s important and personally I feel there is nothing wrong in it.

That’s all for today folks 🙂, I hope you understand what my blogs are trying to convey. Recently, I have seen comments which makes me feel like people are showing sympathy, but try to understand if someone is writing or has a blog it’s never for sympathy. It’s just to make people aware and how we fought the battles or may be just to share an experience. And my whole intention is to spread the message to a larger crowd ‘ that help others in need, never loose hope and most importantly never stop working on your self’. 🙂

19 thoughts on “BEING AN INTROVERT

  1. One of the best blog I’ve ever read till now and let me tell one thing – I was also an introvert kind of person (still I’m) and what you wrote seriously I can relate to that!!

    Well done 👏
    Keep it up dear 💐

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  2. Wonderfully expressed!!
    People think I am an extrovert, but I am an ambivert, and most of my friends are introverts😂 I could relate to some of the stuff. But as I’m not an introvert, I can’t say much. But you conveyed the meaning quite nicely!!💖

    Liked by 1 person

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